The vast majority of homes use oil to heat them. How much will we spend this year on heating with oil?

With the tax increase coming into force this year, heating with an oil boiler is not only unprofitable but the cost will now be unbearable for most households.

For example, a house in the Athens area with an area of ​​100m2, consumed about 1,600 liters of oil for heating during the period November 2011 – April 2012. For this consumption paid € 1,600 with an average oil price of € 1 / liter. With the current price of oil € 1.4 / liter the same apartment for similar consumption will pay € 2,240.

As alternatives to the problem of rapid growth in heating oil in recent times, various heating devices that consume electricity have been proposed.
Are these devices economical to operate?

The machines that consume electricity, for the production of heat (air heater, electric radiators, radiators, UVpanel, etc.), have an efficiency of less than one. So, to deliver 1kW of thermal energy, they consume at least 1kW of electricity.

If we convert the consumption of oil to kWh then we will see that the useful power from burning oil is about 12,600 kWh. So, for the use of radiators or electric bodies, UVpanel etc, the electricity consumption will be € 2,016. (12,600 * 1 * 0.16).
How much would it cost for the household to use natural gas or a pellet boiler?

If we replaced the oil boiler with a gas boiler, the heating cost for one year would be € 1,135. While, the annual operating cost of a pellet boiler is € 1,120.
What is the most economical way to heat?

Based on current energy prices this season, and an average consumption in a house of 100sqm, the answer to this crucial question is that the most economical heating is actually achieved with the use of air conditioners.
And that’s because?

maintenance of air conditioners petroupoli

Air conditioners use air as their main source of energy. They absorb energy from the external environment and by adding a small amount of electricity they give it as heating inside the house. To produce 4kW of thermal energy, an air conditioner draws 3kW from the outside environment and uses only 1kW of electricity.

The principle of operation of air conditioners makes them the most economical heating system. If we wanted to compare the most common heating systems we would see the following results at a cost of € / kWh:
From this comparison alone we can see the magnitude of saving money from the use of air conditioners.
What are the air conditioning systems that offer us the maximum economy?

If 3 inverter minisplit air conditioners (common wall-mounted air conditioners with advanced technology) were used for heating with a degree of efficiency of 3.6, then the consumption for the same house would be (12,600 / 3.6) * 0.16 so the cost would be 560 € per year.

Conventional wall-mounted air conditioners (ON-OFF) could also be used to heat the home. In this case, electricity consumption would reach € 750.
Even greater would be the economy with a single Air-to-Water heat pump with an efficiency of 4. In this case the consumption is 3,150 kWh. Therefore, the cost of heating with an inverter heat pump would be € 504 per year (12,600 / 4) * 0.16.

So consumers can simply turn on their air conditioner in the heating system and enjoy the greatest possible economy.
Are there other benefits to using air conditioners?

air conditioning maintenance

If we take into account how environmentally friendly their operation is, low energy consumption and therefore low CO2 emissions, use of ecological refrigerant, then we can say that air conditioning heating is an option with multiple benefits, both economically and economically. and environmental.

An additional advantage of air conditioners is that they can very effectively and economically remove unwanted moisture. Also, do not forget the cooling during the summer months.
Finally, the air conditioning offers the ideal conditions in the space with absolute autonomy.

Provided, of course, that the systems are properly studied and maintained…


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